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Clear Jeep Top

The jeep wrangler and other models are the best SUVs for off-road adventures. The jeep wrangler speaks for itself with half tube doors, grippy tires, and a solid, resistant body. Still, they could use a slight improvement to make the drive more enjoyable.

Just imagine seeing a bald eagle flying overhead from the interior of your jeep wrangler jk. Or a stunning view of fall foliage and skyscrapers disappearing into the clouds. Well, it’s all possible thanks to clear jeep tops from Clearlidz.

Clear and tinted front hardtop panel

We offer clear and tinted hardtop inserts for the jeep wrangler and its counterparts. Our hardtop panels come from Clearlidz, a trusted manufacturer of these hard shells. With a clear hardtop panel, you’ll transform your jeep wrangler, making it better for adventure.

Our panels will make driving enjoyable as you get panoramic freedom characterized by stunning views and breathtaking scenery. Clearlidz guarantees these hardtops’ safety, durability, and protection against the weather.

Why should I get a transparent top for my jeep?

To let more light into the car

Most people think about getting light into their homes to make the rooms brighter and more spacious.

And you can have this effect in your jeep if you choose a clear top. Clearlidz tops let more light into the car, making it brighter. More light has the effect of a bigger space. If you ever put your wrangler on the market, this element will sell the car for you.

For a feeling of freedom

There is something about a sunroom that fuels feeling of freedom. Jeeps have the spirit of adventure, so adding a clear top will create a vehicle built for wide-open spaces.

Imagine sleeping under the stars with a great view of them when you go on an off-road adventure. This is what a see-through top can do for your vehicle. You will never adventure the same way again.

To make your car more unique

A clear top can also be useful for identification purposes. Most people associate sunroofs with class and uniqueness.

Getting a Clearlidz top will make your car stand out, and you can easily find it in a crowd of jeeps. This is just one of the ways jeep owners can be expressive with their vehicles.

To make the car warm

And finally, if you live in cold climate areas or adventure in snowy parts, it can get a little chilly. A transparent panel will let a little more light in, making it illuminated while heating the car. Most times, you won’t need to turn on the car heater as you drive.

Why choose our clear jeep tops?

Protect against UV exposure

We know what you’re thinking, that a clear hard top will expose you to a high level of UV rays, even the tinted ones!

You are right to be concerned for your wrangler or jk because long-term exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes, triggering problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. Additionally, the rays can cause sunburns and premature wrinkling.

Luckily, we can confidently tell you that the Clearlidz hard tops for jeeps prevent this from happening, thanks to UV filtering inhibitors. The harmful UV rays will be unable to penetrate your rubicon or wrangler.

After installation, the interior of your vehicle will be free from harmful sun exposure, but you’ll keep a nice view of the sky. So your jeep Clearlidz hard top will provide additional sunlight with added protection.


You might be wondering just how durable and resistant a clear top is for any jeep. After all, jeeps are known for their top-notch construction, making them strong and resistant, and offering more freedom for off highway adventure.

So will the hardtop panel offer the same? Clearlidz is dedicated to manufacturing durable hardtop panels that give jeep owners years of use.

Clearlidz manufactures the hardtop panel from shatterproof polycarbonate. It is the same material that manufacturers use for fighter jet canopies. Therefore, the transparent panels will adequately protect against small falling rocks and debris as you go off road.

Clearlidz promises to deliver quality, and this great top is a fulfillment of that promise.


Jeep owners enjoy the benefit of feeling safe in their vehicles. The jeep wrangler, rubicon, jk, and other jeep models come from quality craftsmanship, making them the best cars to drive off road.

Any good car expert will tell you that modifications to the vehicle can improve or affect the vehicle’s safety. Clearlidz strives to improve with its plain or shaded front hardtop panel.

The panels provide drivers with visible light while offering protection against debris and other threats. It ensures that tour jeep wrangler jk does not lose its safety feature. You’ll be able to have a worry-free enjoyable ride, fully covered from outside threats.

Easy to install

Many vehicle owners worry about the installation of modifications on their jeeps. However, Clearlidz could not have made it easier to get a clear jeep top.

This lightweight, clear panel is easy to install. You need a skilled and experienced mechanic to help you install the jeep clear panel.

Be sure to conduct a thorough search for a trustworthy mechanic to help you install. Visit their shop and always ask a few questions before settling. Once you find the right mechanic, you can get your new sunroof installed.

While we do not encourage DIYs, there are also multiple videos online with instructions for installing a sunroof. They are best for people with car maintenance experience. Just be sure to follow the instructions. But if you get stuck, go to an expert.

Resistance against weather

Another primary concern for jeep drivers is the weather. If you’re an active driver, your jeep will receive exposure to the different elements year round, including cold snowy winters, warm weather, torrential rainy AF springs, hot summers that trigger heat build up, etc.

Luckily, Clearlidz maintains a quality design that makes the hard top resistant to harsh weather, like the factory freedom top panels. Your vehicle will sufficiently resist the effects of sun exposure and prevent heat build up.

Similarly, the outside temperature won’t be an issue even during freezing cold snowy winters. You will stay warm and protected against these elements.

No matter the weather, rest assured you will have a more enjoyable ride with reduced wind noise and views of skyscrapers disappearing into the sky, and stunning fall foliage through your transparent hard top.


Clearlidz has the best hard tops for jeep wranglers in the market. And while it appears expensive, we encourage you to think of it as an investment.

Clearlidz is a trusted manufacturer of jeep wrangler clear hard tops and similar items. Therefore, if you want the best view on your adventure trail at a reasonable price, this is the hard top to choose.

It is an excellent price for panoramic freedom and a new perspective from the interior of your jeep.

Resistance to impact

The solid and sealed construction of the clear hard top provides reliable resistance to impact. The jeep wrangler is known for its reliability to resist impact adequately. So the hard top should offer the same.

The Clearlidz plain and tinted hardtop panels adequately resist impact. They are durable and will not break nor crack upon impact. They offer excellent hardness with panoramic freedom to boot.

Improve your jeep wrangler today

This is a sign that your jeep wrangler could use a slight improvement with a Clearlidz clear top. If you are in Lexington, NC, and its environments, you can enjoy same-day shipping for your order.

You don’t have to search for a quality Clearlidz top provider because we will meet your needs. Choose panoramic freedom today, and transform how you see life from your jeep wrangler.

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