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High Country Off-Road Tacoma Mods: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to truck mods, one mandate always rings true – everything must be done right. Truck modifications aren’t a process you rush into, it requires careful consideration. After all, your vehicle is not just another vehicle, it’s an embodiment of your personality and your way around life’s adventures. With the 3rd Gen Tacoma, truck lovers have a variety of mods to choose from, for every imaginable purpose – aesthetics, performance, even just the fun of it. Each one transforms your vehicle in its own unique way, but some mods staked their claim as the best. And among those, the ones listed in High Country Off-Road mods hold a special place.

Your truck is not just a vehicle. It’s your endearing companion. It’s a frame blessed with the robust charm of Tacoma. And when you add your personal touch to that frame, that’s when it truly becomes one excited family member. Talking about the vehicle itself, the 3rd Gen Tacoma has horsepower that one needs to seize the fun out of all roads and trails, while maintaining a mileage that doesn’t gouge your pockets – everything that any truck would aspire to be. A real boon for all the off-road thrill-seekers.

Yet as with every vehicle, there’s always room for improvement. The way you awn a personal touch to your truck can make all the difference. You may add a lift kit, upgrade the tires, or gently work upon its frame – each mod is a universe of possibilities. But amongst everything that you can do, there is one ultimate way to add storage for long road trip – roof racks.

Roof racks, the pivotal part of the High Country Off-Road mods list, add an air of rugged elegance to your truck. The third-gen Tacoma is a vehicle worthy of such tall aesthetics. The synchrony between the two can simply be described as sublime. With roof racks, the truck has the capacity to carry all that is necessary for your off-road adventures or long road trips. Mount a tent, hang a kayak, hitch your bikes – there’s no better way than this mod to use the roof of your Tacoma.

A glance over the High Country Off-Road and you’ll see, they indeed have everything you need to know about Tacoma Mods. They detail sale pages, tricks & tips for do-it-yourselfers, evaluation guides, and everything else you need to hit off with your vehicle upgrade. Everything related to the mods and the vehicle itself, find its way here, making it your one-stop guide to turning your Tacoma into the truck of your dreams.

Without a doubt, a well-equipped Tacoma can be everything that any adventure-seeking soul wants – a companion vehicle with unparalleled truck spirit. So, folks, this is a frame worth considering. Forgive my repetition, but that’s just the way it is. It’s one way to show your Tacoma some love – the perfect blend of form and function. With High Country Off-Road Tacoma Mods, you have everything you need to begin your modding journey with the third-gen Tacoma or for that matter any truck. So, are you ready to ride your way to an exciting adventure?

Introducing the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma and its Mods

With a remarkable reputation for innovation and reliability, Toyota stands out in the truck industry. Of all its models, the 3rd Gen Tacoma holds a prominent place. Known for its robust build and unparalleled performance, this vehicle’s popularity has led to the creation of a dedicated community of enthusiasts, all eager to make their Tacoma’s markedly unique with bespoke Tacoma mods. Due to the third-generation Tacoma’s unique features and specs, customizing this truck brings with it a uniquely enjoyable experience. And for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty, there’s an exciting world of do-it-yourself Tacoma mods out there ready to be discovered.

It’s important to note that the 3rd Gen Tacoma is more than just a truck – it’s an emblem of Toyota’s decades-long manufacturing excellence. Any Toyota Tacoma can be powerful and efficient on its own, but with the right Tacoma mods, drivers can greatly enhance its performance, comfort, and style. This Toyota is not merely a vehicle; it’s a project, an ongoing collaboration between owner and machine. With each aftermarket enhancement, the Tacoma becomes more of an extension of its owner’s personality and style.

Some might ask, “why modify a Tacoma?”. The answer lies in the truck’s own original design. Thanks to Toyota, every 3rd Gen Tacoma comes with a strong frame that’s primed for customization. By incorporating Tacoma mods, drivers can upgrade their truck’s suspension, horsepower, and torque. Rolling with a modded Toyota Tacoma is not just about sportiness or style, but also about function and longevity. It’s about fulfilling this beast’s potential, transforming it into the ultimate driving machine.

But what kind of Tacoma mods are available? There are numerous options for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. These include but are not limited to: lift kits, aftermarket wheels and tires, superchargers, exhaust systems, and even enhanced lighting solutions. They’re all fantastic ways to blend practicality with style. And let’s not forget about the interior where short shifter kits, sound-deadening modifications, and upgraded infotainment systems can make every ride in a Tacoma the epitome of comfort.

We previously delved into the realm of High Country Off-Road Tacoma Mods that improve not only the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also its off-roading capabilities. With the correct Tacoma mods, this Toyota beast can blaze trails and conquer mountains with a much more streamlined approach. The modifications are designed to ruggedize the Tacoma, making the toughest terrains more navigable.

In conclusion, the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma and its mods provide limitless opportunities for personalization and performance upgrades. Remember, it’s not about changing the Tacoma, but rather, it’s about enhancing what’s already there, creating a high-performing, reliable, and distinctive vehicle. With the right Tacoma mods, you can fully unlock and embrace the true potential of this Toyota icon.

List of Best 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Mods

There’s an undeniable thrill that comes with tweaking a car, making it uniquely yours, and the world of mods, specifically 3rd gen Tacoma mods, provides a playground for such enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the list of the best 3rd gen Tacoma upgrades that not only increase the appeal of your ride but also uplift its functionality.

The 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma is a beast on its own, but with the right mods, you can transform it into an absolute powerhouse. Not to be confused with the Toyota Tundra, Tacoma’s elder sibling, our focus remains purely on the 3rd gen Tacoma of the Toyota lineage. It was in the 3rd gen where Tacoma really hit its stride.

A top pick among the 3rd gen Tacoma mods includes a variety of exterior accessories. Providing both style and function, a grille replacement can dramatically change the face of your 3rd gen Tacoma while an aftermarket bumper not just adds to the vehicle’s ruggedness but also increases front-end protection.

Now onto the undercarriage. Suspension and lift kits, another popular 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma mod, can provide better ground clearance, improved off-road capability plus a dominating stance. Think of these mods as the perfect marriage between style and functionality for your 3rd gen Tacoma.

Moving indoors, a range of interior accessories can transform the cab experience inside your 3rd gen Tacoma. These mods can range from trim upgrades, seat covers, to center console organizers and storage solutions. Not only these modifications enhance the aesthetics of your Tacoma, but they also add practicality making daily commutes and long road trips more enjoyable.

Performance mods are yet another way to get more out of your 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma. Want to increase the horsepower or improve the fuel efficiency? Then how about considering mods like a cold air intake or a new exhaust system.

Lastly it’s worth mentioning lighting mods that not only gives your 3rd gen Tacoma a more modern look but also improves visibility for those late-night off-road adventures. From LED headlight replacements to fog lights, there is a wide array of options for Tacoma mods that go beyond simply swapping out the stock lights.

In conclusion, the 3rd gen Tacoma is a versatile truck known for its durability and off-road prowess. With these mods, your Tacoma can reign superior both in looks and performance. Whether it’s the ascetic exterior mods, the functionality enhancing interior accessories, or the performance boosting mods, there’s a plethora of options to make your 3rd gen Tacoma stand out from the crowd.

Lift Kits: The Ultimate Mod for Your Tacoma

Lift kits are undeniably the ultimate mod for your Toyota Tacoma, 3rd Gen. They’re often hailed as the crowning touch by Tacoma owners, who boast about the stunning view they add to the ride experience. The thrill of looking down from a raised point of view, coupled with the ruggedness and grit of an off-road trail, is an unbeatable combo. But, getting that perfect lift isn’t just about adding a kit. Let’s dive in.

Before you buy, here’s what you need to know: Not all lift kits are created equal. Some might offer a full lift, completely altering your Toyota Tacoma’s suspension geometry. On the other hand, other kits might provide a body lift, raising the body of the vehicle off the chassis without affecting the suspension. Thus, depending on your driving preferences and requirements, you need to decide which type you want.

Tacoma owners often opt for full lift kits. Full kits offer a spectacular view, taking your Toyota Tacoma to new heights–literally. They add both ground clearance and suspension travel, which quite noticeably revolutionizes your off-road ability. Plus, they add an imposing, confident look to your Tacoma, which never hurts.

However, it’s important to note that while lift kits do add significant advantages, they must be carefully tuned and managed. Improperly installed kits can lead to uneven wear, decreased mileage, and even safety hazards. So, it’s safe to say that when you decide to add a lift kit, investing in professional installation isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity.

Now, let’s touch on another crucial point—wheels. The phrase “putting the cart before the horse” is switched to “putting the lift before the wheels” in the world of Tacoma Mods. If you wish to buy larger wheels (which many Tacoma owners do), you must first ensure your Tacoma can handle the larger size, and this is where lift kits come into play.

Purchasing larger wheels without first adding a lift kit to your Tacoma will result in the larger wheels rubbing against the body or suspension parts. This will not only damage your new wheels but can also affect your Tacoma’s performance and safety. Therefore, Tacoma owners often opt to add a lift kit before they buy larger wheels.

In conclusion, the beauty and success of a 3rd Gen Tacoma lie in its potential of being modded. From the mighty lift kits to the commanding wheels, every piece of mod adds a unique aspect to your Toyota Tacoma. And while every mod comes with its own charm, one thing is certain—lift kits are the ultimate mod for Tacoma owners, opening up an exciting new world to explore.

So, whether you’re a new Tacoma owner or an experienced one, consider exploring the world of lift kits and other mods. The view you’ll gain, the performance you’ll add, and the experiences you’ll have are truly unparalleled. If you own a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma, it’s time to add, buy, mod, and view your vehicle from a whole new perspective.

Cali Raised Tacoma Parts: Enhancing Your Ride with High-Quality Mods

Within the vast sea of 3rd Gen Tacoma mods, there’s one name that stands out above all else: Cali. Cali Raised Tacoma parts are an ultimate mod lover’s dream. When you’re on the hunt for enhancements and modifications, Cali fits the bill in the most satisfying way. Known for their exceptional build quality and design, Cali Raised takes the Toyota Tacoma’s multi-faceted functionality to new heights, skillfully blending style with substance. Cali is committed to ensuring that your 3rd Gen Tacoma’s look is anything but ordinary. They deliver with every single release, and it’s this consistency that sets Cali Raised apart from the default brand.

Now, let’s delve deeper into why Cali Raised holds a special place in the heart of Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen owners. First off, Cali understands that Tacoma is more than just a vehicle. It’s an extension of its owner’s personality, an embodiment of the spirit of adventure. A significant factor in every one of Cali Raised’s releases is precisely this understanding. Everything you find in the gen-exclusive range is designed to improve and amplify every one of the adventures your Tacoma is bound to take you on.

Consider, for instance, Cali Raise’s roof racks. These aren’t just any ordinary roof racks— they’re unique to 3rd Gen Tacomas. The design, the materials, the execution, everything is appropriately fine-tuned to the Tacoma. You’ll find that they blend seamlessly with the structural aesthetics of this gen, ensuring durability without compromising the Tacoma’s appealing form.

But it’s not just about what’s on the outside. The range of interior lighting options, specifically designed for the 3rd gen Tacoma, speaks volumes about Cali’s dedication to perfectly complementing your vehicle’s interiors. Shifting from default brand interior lighting to Cali’s can surely bring a world of difference. Their options are not meant to overpower but to enhance the already impressive interiors of your Tacoma truck. Cali’s interior lighting provides a bright yet gentle illumination that makes anything in your Tacoma come alive. But don’t just take my word for it, hop in a Cali-enhanced Tacoma once, and you’ll never see interior lighting in the same light again.

So, what is it drawing people to mod their Tacomas with Cali Raised parts? One word: Quality. With Cali, you’re not trading longevity for style. Every Cali product you fit onto your Tacoma is assured to stand the test of time. It’s this commitment to excellence that has put Cali at the fore of 3rd Gen Tacoma modifications.

Whether you’re looking to install rood racks, switch up your interior lighting, or customize anything else on your 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma, choosing Cali Raised is taking one step closer to owning the ultimate Tacoma. Cali’s attention to detail, their commitment to quality, and, of course, their love for everything Tacoma is sure to take your gen 3 ride to unparalleled heights.

The Evolution of Tacoma: From Gen Toyota to Cali Raised

Ever since the inception of the gen Toyota Tacoma, its reputation as a premier off-road dynamo has been established. The one great characteristic real enthusiasts adore is the truck’s modifying flexibility. The evolution of Tacoma from gen Toyota to Cali Raised has been exciting and flooded with modifications. It’s this evolution that gave us the 3rd gen Tacoma mod – an exclusive creation specifically designed for the Tacoma Toyota. It’s become one of the highest-rated, most-reviewed modifications in the truck sphere.

Let’s delve into the reviews to dissect the impact of this mod. What stands out in every review is the attraction of Tacoma owners to the transformative aspects of these third-gen modifications. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, exceeding the expectations of many Toyota Tacoma diehards.

If we dig into these modifications, the Toyota Tacoma bed transformation through the 3rd gen Tacoma mod is one to marvel at. The mod for the bed enhances the functionality it offers while maintaining the rugged Tacoma appeal. It’s no wonder the Tacoma bed mod features so dominantly in reviews across multiple platforms.

The profound effect of these modifications resonates beyond just the bed; they’ve been instrumental in transforming the entire Tacoma Toyota. The overall enhancement in performance, functionality, and aesthetics has been astounding. This transformative journey from gen Toyota, while staying true to the Tacoma roots, is awe-inspiring to say the least.

The one thing that reviewers consistently mention is how Bed modifications have made a big difference for Tacoma Toyota owners. Allowing more storage, better functionality, and an overall enhanced aesthetic, it’s clear to see why the evolution to the current 3rd gen Tacoma mod is so widely hailed in reviews.

This isn’t just about giving the Tacoma a facelift; it’s about tailoring the mod to intangible aspects like comfort, convenience, and function. The redesigned beds, in particular, have received stellar reviews, enhancing the overall Tacoma experience and making it an altogether pleasant ride.

In conclusion, modifications have been a vital part in the evolution of Tacoma, from its inception as a gen Toyota to its current state with Cali Raised mods. The reviews are testament to this journey. The 3rd gen Tacoma mod, in many ways, can be called a gamechanger in the world of Tacoma and beyond. Regardless of whether the modifications are focused on the bed or the overall vehicle, it’s clear that the Toyota Tacoma is continually pushing the boundaries.

About the 3rd Gen Tacoma

The 3rd generation Tacoma is the one of the best selling mid-size pickup trucks available on the market. It debuted in 2015 at the North American Auto show and went on sale in September of that year as a 2016 model. The front and rear of the truck was redesigned to provide an updated look to the vehicle while the cab was actually carried over from the 2nd generation Tacoma.


The Tacoma was available with either a 2.7L 4 cylinder engine or 3.5L V6 engine [1]. These engines were mated to either a 5 or 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic and you could get either in 2 or 4 wheel drive.


Multiple trim levels are available for the Tacoma made between 2016 and 2023. These start at the base SR model and progress through the SR5, TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport, Limited, and top of the line TRD Pro. Many people love the look of the TRD Pro which is why one of the first mods that they install is upgrading the front grille to look similar to a TRD Pro Grille.

Front Grille Modification

In addition to the TRD pro style grille there are many other options available. These include one that takes its styling from the Ford Raptor as well as TRD Pro style grilles with custom letters. There are also custom manufactures, like DB customs, that will create custom Honeycomb style grilles and even special designs that can include the American flag. Other manufactures like Grill Craft or Custom Car Grills have a tight mesh pattern grille that can also include letters.

Tacoma Leveling or Lift Kit

Another modification that Tacoma owners routinely do to their trucks is to install a leveling or lift kit. You can get a TRD Lift kit installed at the dealer or you can purchase a 2-3 inch leveling kit online and install yourself. If you choose to go with lifting the truck 3 inches in the front you should consider adding blocks to the rear suspension to lift it at least 1.5 inches so that the truck doesn’t squat. These small adjustments to the suspension will allow you to run more aggressive and larger tires while maintaining the factory ride and handling. Just remember that after installing one of these lift kits you will need to take you truck to a local alignment shop to correct realign the wheels as you will change the suspension geometry. You may also need to install adjustable upper control arms such as those made by SPC to ensure there is enough adjustability to have a straight alignment.

If you want to go big you can look at one of the largest lift kits available for the Toyota Tacoma which is made by Bulletproof Suspension. This 10-12 inch lift kit is one of the highest available for 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma’s and you can be certain that you will have one of the biggest mid-size pickups in your town. With this mod you can run up to 38″ tires without issues as long as you have the correct backspacing on your wheels.

Interior Mods for 3rd Gen Tacoma’s

There are a multitude of things that you can add and change to personalize the interior of your truck. One of those would be to add glove box letters that match the color of your truck or complement other trim pieces inside the cab. Other interior mods include upgrading the cup holders to be able to hold larger mugs, adding switch panels to run LED light bars and other accessories on the outside of the truck, and adding seat covers to the vehicle. If you plan to go off-roading in the truck you should consider some all weather floor mats and also a dash cam to capture all the fun you’ll be having on the trail.

Another comfort missing from the cab of the Tacoma is an easy place to put your phone. There are multiple options out there for mounting your phone such as this one from Hondo Garage. It is a high quality mount that will keep everything right where you need it. You can also add a coin holder or center console tray. Replacing the interior lights with LED’s is also a great addition and will help with reading in the dark should you be on the trail after the sun goes down.

And last but not least for the interior of your truck is to be sure that you have both a first aid kit and tool kit with you at all times while off-roading with friends. You never know what will break or who might get hurt out on the trail.

Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

This is another great mod to add to your pickup truck. This throttle controller allows you to change the throttle response of the truck which can improve the acceleration that many would call sluggish. Owners who have made the switch claim that this is one of their favorite mods to do.

Anytime Camera Kit

Owners also praise the Anytime Camera kit as it allows you to view your backup camera on demand and also add a front camera to the vehicle.

Tacoma Tailgate Letters

Inserts that go into the factory indentions that spell Tacoma on the tailgate of the truck are another great easy and inexpensive mod that can be done to your truck.

Off-Road Armor

For the serious off-roader there are many modifications you can do to the truck. Some of our favorite and necessary mods include full skid plate kits as well as front and rear bumpers. Adding a roof rack to the truck can provide extra storage space and also be a great place to incorporate a light bar for your truck. Rock sliders also need to be added for the serious trails as they will protect the factory sheet metal rocker panels on your truck.

Lighting Upgrades for your Tacoma

There are many lighting upgrades that you can add to your truck. These include stealth mods such as the hidden LED light bar kit from Cali Raised or their ditch light kits that mount at the rear of the hood. Adding LED’s all around the vehicle will help to improve visibility inside and outside so anywhere it is possible it is a good idea to switch out the factory bulbs. You can even get new headlights and taillights that give an updated look to your truck and can incorporate sequential turn signals for that next level custom feel. Sequential turn signals can also be added to the mirrors of your truck to complete the look.

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