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Great Modifications for the 2nd Generation Tacoma

About the 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The 2nd generation Tacoma was made between 2005 and 2015. You may hear that some will refer to the later year models as Gen 2.5 where the truck received a facelift in 2012 until it was replaced by the new generation Tacoma in 2016.

While the first generation Tacoma gave the truck a great reputation for quality and reliability the 2nd Gen built on this and continued to deliver great service to many of its owners. You can find these trucks still running up and down the road with over 300,000 miles on them!

This is what makes them great for customizing and personalizing. Since the truck stays around for so long why not make it your own. We find that today many owners are buying them as the 2nd or 3rd owner so to set themselves apart from all the other trucks out there they like to make their own modifications.

Update the Front Grille of the Truck

One of the first mods that many owners do when they buy a 2nd generation Tacoma is they will update the front grille of the truck. This can be by doing a common swap to a TRD Pro style grille or one of the many other options available such as mesh, and custom grilles.

Install a Lift or Leveling Kit

Another great option for changing the stance of your truck is to install a lift or leveling kit. This will allow for installing larger wheels and tires and providing more ground clearance for off-roading. You can get these kits from a small 2″ lift in the front all the way to a 12 inch lift.

Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are another area where you can change the look of your Tacoma. Due to the high cost of new wheels and tires we recommend changing these when your current tires are worn and ready for replacement anyways. If you are planning a lift at any point in the future this would also be a good time to do that as well.

Interior Mods for the Tacoma

There are many options for customizing the interior of your truck. One such modification that is very easy to do is simply buying new all weather floor mats for the truck. You can also switch out the interior lights for LED’s. You can get a full kit or something as simple as adding a center console light.

Tinting the windows is also a great way to cut down on inside temperatures during the summer while also improving the look. Be sure the check your local state laws before tinting the windows because some states have a limit. For example, in North Carolina the limit is 32%.

Exterior Mods for Your Truck under $200

There are many other great and inexpensive alterations you can do to your Tacoma. Some of these include painting or plasti dipping your wheels. Upgrading the stock headlights to projector style headlights is another great Mod. Also there are kits out there that will give you a tailgate backup camera just like the new trucks have. Also installing a bed cover for your truck is another great option!

Another great low cost mod is by altering the stock wiring harness so that your side markers will blink with the turn signals. You can find out how to do that here. Note that you should only do this if you are comfortable with wiring or have a local mechanic do it for you. We are not responsible for any issues you may have with your truck by doing this or any other modification. Everything you do to your vehicle is at your own risk.

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