The Jeep brand has undergone many changes in recent years. When Daimler and Chrysler were still happily bonded with one another, it became evident that the Jeep brand was ready for expansion as the brand only had the Wrangler, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee to offer. But with the addition of new models, the Jeep brand has faced many new changes, and challenges.

Overall, the auto market right now is not doing well. Worldwide sales and down, and sales at Jeep in particular are not stellar. Although that’s not surprising as all automakers continue to struggle, the problems Jeep faces may be deeper than other automakers. For example, the staples of the Jeep brand, the Wrangler, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee, have all recently been refreshed. In addition, the brand also has brand new offerings including the Compass and Patriot.
But despite of updates and additions at Jeep, including new crossovers which are generally popular sellers right now Waterbury Jeep, sales continue to fall short. The drop in Jeep sales has already claimed one victim, the Jeep Commander. Although the Commander has only a just a couple years, it already has met its demise.

The Jeep Compass is another Jeep model that is struggling. While Chrysler’s new strategy is about trimming the fat and eliminating models that are redundant across Chrysler’s various brands, the Compass could also end up in the same situation as the Commander. For now Jeep’s Patriot seems to be holding its own, selling slightly stronger than the Compass and embodying the Jeep character plus offering good gas mileage which has appealed to many crossover shoppers at Birmingham Chrysler.

Perhaps the unlikeliest success in the Jeep lineup is the Wrangler. While other models have been seen as diluting the Jeep brand, the Wrangler continues to be a favorite among off-roads and Jeep-lovers among St Louis Chrysler Jeep dealers. In addition, the current Wrangler, which was redesigned for 2007Business Management Articles, has shown strong sales despite its truck credentials and relatively poor fuel economy. The fact is that the Wrangler still maintains its unique attitude and has no peer when it comes to buyers who want to have open air fun in the outdoors.

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