Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover

When vehicle owners look for efficient mid-sized trucks with excellent off-road capabilities and a sense of style with quality, they go for the Jeep Gladiator. To view all of the bed covers we have available for the Gladiator click here.

This stylish mid-sized truck effortlessly surpasses vehicle owners’ expectations thanks to exceptional design and construction. It is the perfect hauling vehicle that carries cargo and can go on off-road adventures. Jeep users love it for the truck bed because it permits a range of uses.

Users will come across the Jeep gladiator bed cover when looking for additional accessories to make their Jeep gladiator more efficient and comfortable. It is a stylish cover that pickup truck owners install as an accessory with functionality.

The information below sheds light on truck bed covers, some of the best brands for jeep gladiator tonneau covers, the difference between a hard cover and a soft one, and commonly asked questions about these covers.

But first, a few details about tonneau covers.

Does The Jeep Gladiator Have A Bed Cover?

If you’re wondering if your Jeep Gladiator will ship with a hard cover, know that it will not. The Jeep gladiator comes with the choice of two engines but no bed cover. Still, it does not mean that you cannot find good bed covers with high-quality rails.

Best Jeep gladiator bed cover brands

Jeep customers have left good reviews on the best covers for the gladiator model. Browse the following brands that stand out.

  • Tyger Auto.

This nationwide company makes auto parts that serve drivers and enthusiasts. The brand focuses on tri-fold, roll up, and other soft designs. Their jeep gladiator bed covers use aluminum panels with stainless steel parts under soft vinyl.

These covers often seal with velcro strips and have adjustable tension systems to improve tightness, so it sits flush. It also reduces wrinkling.

This brand caters to off-road enthusiasts and will provide jeep customers with good covers. The focus is on reliability and durability as the brand uses rigid materials to make these bed covers.

Rugged Ridge specializes in hard folding and hard rolling covers with a matte black finish. They also create dust and weather-resistant covers, and some variations even work without a rail system.

  • Gator.

Gator is a brand that produces good-quality jeep gladiator covers. Gator covers are beloved among gladiator owners because of their dedication to customer service.

They specialize in making easy-to-install bed covers. They are the best option for beginners. This brand is very confident in their quality as each cover comes with a lifetime warranty on the frames and a 10-year warranty on the tarp.

  • Undercover.

Undercover championed the ABS one-piece bed cover that has gone to impress and win the hearts of many jeep gladiator owners. This company has been in the market for years, thus perfecting the manufacture of good covers.

Their success is founded on strength, durability, and lightweight construction. They are easy to install too. This is the company to turn to when in doubt.

This brand focuses on engineering products that meet the customer’s needs. Therefore, it is no surprise that this is one of the best brands for jeep gladiator bed covers.

Vehicle owners love this brand because of their attention to detail and high-quality finish. You can never go wrong with an Extang jeep gladiator cover.

  • Mopar.

This company serves large vehicle owners and is dedicated to offering security through their durable truck beds.

They have a variety of products they offer to consumers, including durable covers for Jeep gladiator owners. They focus on lightweight designs that are also easy to install.

  • Rough Country.

This is a great brand making moves that are winning the hearts of many vehicle owners. They have many years of experience making truck bed covers and serve adventurous off-roaders looking for durable items.

They guarantee years of use on their products and great prices to boot.

And finally, this brand manufactures beautiful truck beds that withstand the test of time plus climate changes.

The brand continually evolves their designs and puts a lifetime warranty on their products, proving that their items are some of the best in the market.

What Is A Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover or truck bed cover is a flat material you install on top of your truck bed to protect the inside. It protects the contents of the bed space from weather, prying eyes, theft, and other threats.

the bed covers come in varying sizes depending on the car. Additionally, a manufacturer chooses the materials to use when making these covers. And why are they called tonneau covers?

This word originated from the french word for ‘barrel.’ Therefore, tonneau is the open barrel-like back area of a car. Not only does this describe pickup truck beds but also the open passenger area in racecars.

Types of tonneau covers

There are multiple types of bed covers, depending on your vehicle. The most common ones are:

Roll up tonneau

This is the most popular type, and as the name suggests, it rolls open and shut. This cover can roll because of the strong velcro that lines the sides of the truck bed. You have to open the tailgate to facilitate rolling, making it a secure option. It is ideal for hauling cargo that can stick out of the bed.

Snap cover

Like the name, this cover snaps on and off after it is installed. This cover offers versatility since it can open any way you want. However, it is not the best choice for security focus.

Hard folding cover

This cover is also called the tri fold cover because it has three parts. The parts fold up and down. Vehicle owners love these covers because they are strong and lock well. Manufacturers even make models that flip up to give you more storage room.

Retractable cover

If you don’t enjoy manually opening and closing your cover, the retractable one will suit you. It opens by pushing the cover backward or with the push of a button, making some versions electronic.

Soft folding cover

This is the fine or soft version of the hard folding cover. It is soft and locks from the inside, offering full perimeter seals, touching all the edges. You can also lift them off to go coverless.

One-piece cover

This strong, rigid cover opens up at the hinge behind the cab. They lock to secure your items so you cannot haul things that stick out of the bed.

Toolbox cover

And finally, manufacturers make unique covers for pickup trucks that come with a toolbox instead of a bed. They don’t present many differences from regular ones.

Why Do I Need A Truck Bed Tonneau Cover?

Besides being the ultra flex, a bed cover has multiple advantages, including:

Weather protection

The rain, sun, and other weather extremes can cause a lot of damage to your cargo. So getting a bed cover keeps your items dry even when it rains heavily. It also protects against extreme sun exposure, triggering fading and cracking.

Rain or moisture exposure can also damage the inside of your bed. Keeping it covered protects your vehicle from wearing too soon. Plus, cleaning the cover is easier than cleaning the bed.

Identification purposes

Another reason to invest in a tonneau cover is to make your vehicle identifiable. It gives your car a low profile while making it look sharp. This makes it easier to identify the truck in a sea of similar vehicles. You can even get customized ones to match your vehicle.

Securing items

The primary use of a tonneau cover is to secure your stuff while driving. Many drivers worry that their gear will fly out of the truck’s bed when driving fast. By covering this part, you prevent this from happening.

Improved fuel efficiency

Racecar drivers first used tonneau covers to reduce drag while racing. This function has been passed down, and now people use the covers for fuel efficiency.

While it is not wholly proven, some people agree that the cover improves the truck’s aerodynamics.

On paper, air will move around the truck better when it has a cover, reducing drag and improving fuel economy.

Qualities Of Good Jeep Tonneau Covers

Are you interested in a jeep bed cover? Here is a buying guide to help you pick the right one.

Practical functionality.

Tonneau covers open differently, and this functionally will determine if you enjoy your jeep gladiator cover. When examining the different cover categories, ensure that you pick the cover that provides fantastic protection.

Highly durable.

The bed covers are under constant exposure to weather and other external factors. And since it is an investment, you need to pick a highly durable item. The type of material should guide you in choosing the right one.

Jeep gladiator tonneau manufacturers often use vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, and ABS polymer to make these covers. Vinyl covers have rigid aluminum panels underneath.

Fiberglass covers have resin-filled honeycomb patterns for more strength, durability, and water resistance. Folding covers are often canvas for their lightweight characteristic, while ABS polymer features crossbow plastics molded together for a light and robust cover.

Easy to install.

When picking a truck bed tonneau cover, ensure that you get one that is easy to install. Most people go for a temporary tonneau cover because permanent ones demand drilling, which will affect resale value.

Pick a truck bed tonneau cover that is easy to install, needing no special tools. Ensure you have the correct frame. Installation should be easy that even beginners can finish the job.

Easy to maintain.

Similarly, you need to ensure that your tonneau cover does not require much maintenance. Maintenance ensures that the longevity of the cover remains intact. Therefore, ensure your retailer explains the maintenance required before you purchase.


And lastly, ensure that your tonneau cover is affordable. Search through reviews to find a store with a reasonable price and a trusted manufacturer. Ensure they have the right size, rails, good quality, and a few satisfied customers. Learn about averages to avoid spending too much money.

Hard vs. soft Jeep tonneau covers

With so many options available, it can be hard to determine the best cover for your Jeep. The most common query is choosing a hard cover or a soft one. We shed some light on both.

Hard covers are a secure option since they are often made from a tough material. It also helps that they are a bit more challenging to take off. Additionally, hard covers sit flush, giving your truck a streamlined look.

But they are also pricier, and the one-piece version does not allow you to haul cargo that sticks out of the bed. They also have various finishes, such as matte and glossy.

On the other hand, soft covers are more affordable and easier to install. They come off quickly, which can be good if you’re in a hurry. However, they are the least secure option and not as durable. They often come in a matte finish for a low profile look.

How to install a tonneau cover on a Jeep

Installing a jeep gladiator bed cover needs at least two people. If you can total four, it’s even better. Ensure that you glue the adjoining areas of the body with film or tape. This protects your vehicle’s paint from scratches and shipping.

Next, attach an elastic sealant to the bottom edge of the hardtop to avoid damaging the bodywork. The door should not touch the edges when opening. This is the mark of fitting along with locking easily.

Next, you can install the railing system on each side after lining up the cover. If it does not fit completely, you can use the weather liner to give the cover a perimeter seal.

Manufacturers often send instructions for attaching the railing system, but the goal is to ensure that the rails match the notches on the cover before locking them into position.

Most manufacturers include Allen keys to screw the railing into place. If they don’t, look up the specifications to get the right keys.

You and your friends can now fix the cover using the special clips. Don’t worry about looseness, as you can always tighten them after a while. In fact, it is required periodically. If you have trouble installing the bed cover, remember you can go to an expert for help.

Otherwise, it should be a quick and easy process. Hard covers are more challenging to install, so expect this. Additionally, ensure you can lift or roll the cover depending on its design to ensure it will not inconvenience you.

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