Jeep Gladiator Bolt Pattern

Jeep Gladiator owners are wondering what size wheels fit the truck. The Jeep Gladiator bolt pattern is 5×5″, so rims with that pattern should fit and meet the factory Jeep Gladiator specs.

However, there are many other factors to consider when choosing new rims and tires for your Gladiator, such as wheel width, which will impact tire sizes. In this article, we will discuss this in more detail and help you choose new wheels that will fit your vehicle perfectly!

If you’re looking for a new set of Jeep Gladiator wheels, the first thing you need to know is the lug pattern. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing new rims, such as wheel width and offset.

Wheel specifications

Offset is the distance from the jeep gladiator wheels mounting surface to its centerline. A positive value moves the wheel out towards the fender, while a negative value pushes it inwards. The Jeep Gladiator stock rims have a factory setting of +18mm. If you want your new wheels to fit properly, look for ones that are similar in size or have an value around the OEM wheels specs. If not, then there’s no way they’ll work with your vehicle and it would be better if you bought something else instead! For example:

-The stock wheels sizes range from 17″ to 18″ diameter wheels on the Jeep Gladiator Sport S to Rubicon version have a +18mm offset and a width of eight inches. This is the same as the stock rim sizes.

-If you want to change rims or change wheel offset on a specific vehicle, a 20″ diameter alloy wheels with a +35mm offset and a width of nine inches would be a good fit for the Gladiator, as it has the same large center bore and is only two inches wider than the factory wheels.

One thing you cannot do easily is change bolt pattern as the factory wheel bolt pattern can only be changed by swapping axles and hubs which is an expensive task to do on any vehicle or car.

-A 16″ diameter wheel size with a -33mm off set and an eight-inch width would not fit well on the Gladiator because it has too much negative camber, which will cause tire rubbing when turning or making sharp turns.

The Hub and wheel size matters!

When looking for different wheels don’t forget about the hub bore size. The larger centre bore can make finding the correct rim and tires difficult. You can also check tire rack.

How can I measure the Bolt Pattern?

This is the best way we have found to measure the bolt pattern for your Jeep Gladiator: Measuring from the outside edge of one hole, skipping the adjacent hole, and lining up the ruler to measure to the center of the next hole. This is much easier than trying to find an imaginary circle. This measurement is the second half of the bolt pattern when you are searching for aftermarket wheels.

To get the first half of the pattern identification all you need to do is count the number of studs of lug nuts on your vehicle. In the case of the Gladiator it is the same as the Wrangler which is 5 lugs.

This is why we say that the bolt patterns are 5×5 or 5 on 5 or 5 by 5. You will hear it referred to all ways but they all mean the same thing. If you are trying to fit rims on your Jeep then you will need to know this value.

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