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Securing cargo on your Tacoma’s bed can be a hassle without the right tools and mounting. You risk losing your toys or luggage while off-roading or driving on the highway. However, the Cali Raised LED Overland Bed Bars are the ideal accessory to secure your Tacoma bed.

The Overland Bed Bars are created with precision to provide the security you need on any 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma model. The bars are made from highly durable corrosion and impact-resistant aluminum that protect them from debris and a few bumps on the road. Likewise, the aluminum bed bar is also lightweight and easy to maintain.

Improve your cargo bed with an elegant bar design. The powder-coated black semi-gloss finish on the overland bar will transform your Tacoma into an off-roading beast. Likewise, the refined glossy finish also helps protect your bars from direct sunlight and harsh weather.

Overland Bed Bar Options

Get the best security, depending on your cargo space. Cali’s Overland Bed Bars also come in various optional preferences.

Flat Bars

The Flat Bars offer considerable support for any cargo you have on the bed. The bar is mounted directly on your Tacoma’s side panels for securing all your load to the brim of your cargo bed.

The 11” Height Bars

The 11” height bar is your best option if you are looking for extra cargo space. The Cali Raised LED MOLLE provides a considerable increase in your cargo space capacity.


Easy Installation

During installation, no modifications are needed. The bed bars are installed by bolting them to the side panel of your Tacoma. Installation takes about 20 minutes.

Elegant Design

If you want a unique look for your vehicle, then the overland bed bar should be on your list. The powder-coating and black glossy finish on your Tacoma’s overland bar give your cargo bed a stylish look.

Payload Limit

Get the most rigid bar in the market. The reinforced aluminum gives the bar added support to take on any mountings you require on your outdoor trip. The added payload exceeds your bed's weight limit, allowing you to set up your tool kit, rooftop tent, or other accessories.


Another advantage of the Overland Bed Bars is that they are lightweight. The reinforced aluminum only weighs about 55lbs making it ideal for excellent performance when carrying heavy cargo loads.

Cargo Bed Bar Variety

As we stated before, there are two overland bed bar options. The Flat Bars are ideal for anyone looking to secure cargo that does not exceed the Tacoma’s side panel. On the other hand, the 11” Height Bars give you considerably more space to safely store any load you have on your trip.


The overland bed bar comes with a two-year warranty that gives you the confidence to haul any cargo you have lying around.

Important Notes

  • The bed bars are custom designed to fit the 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma models. Installing the bar on any other model might result in an improper fit.
  • The 11” Height Bars also come with a Cali Raised LED MOLLE side panel reinforcement for securing extra cargo.
  • You will need additional equipment during installation.

Additional information


Flat Bars – Powder Coat Finish, 11" Bars MOLLE Panel Powder Coat Finish


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