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Maintaining and customizing your truck is a large part of owning the Toyota Tacoma. While this truck is regarded as one of the most reliable small pickups, there will certainly be times when you will want to change the look of the vehicle or maybe you have damaged one of your wheels off-roading or hitting a curb. This means that you will need to know what is my Toyota Tacoma lug pattern.

What is the Toyota Tacoma Lug pattern?

The short answer to “what is the Toyota Tacoma Lug Pattern” is it depends on the year your truck was manufactured and if it is two wheel drive or four wheel drive. The Tacoma was also available as a Pre-Runner which uses the same suspension as the 4×4 models but is only 2wd. If you own a Pre-runner it will have the same 6 lug bolt pattern as the 4wd models.

6 lug 4wd Toyota Tacoma stock 16 inch wheel

The wheel lug/bolt pattern for 2wd (two wheel drive) Tacomas manufactured between 1995 and 2015 is a 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3 mm pattern. If you have a two wheel driveTacoma made from 1995 to 2004 then the center bore of the wheel will need to measure 2.64 inches or 67.1mm. If your 2wd Tacoma was manufactured between 2005 and 2015 it is still the 5×4.5, also called 5 on 4 and a half, lug pattern but it will have a 2.37 in or 60.1 mm center bore. If you have a 2×4 Tacoma manufactured after 2016 then it will have the same lug/bolt pattern at the 4×4 models. The Tacoma was also available as a Pre-Runner which uses the same suspension as the 4×4 models but leaves out the transfer case front driveshaft and locking hubs so it is only 2wd. If you own a Pre-runner it will have the same 6 lug bolt pattern as the 4wd models.

If you have a 4wd truck, it is 6 lug, 5.5 inch or 139.7 mm, also referred to as 6×5.5 or 6 on 5 and a half lug pattern. This is regardless of the year manufactured, from 1995 to the current model, and all four wheel drive models will also have a 4.18 inch or 106.1 mm center bore. You can see a stock 16 inch 6×5.5 wheel in the photo to the right.

Knowing this information is necessary, yet that may not be enough to aid you make the modifications you require to when you intend to adjust the automobile’s wheels. That’s why we are going to provide some additional info for you right here. See to it to put in the time to look up the design year or trim model on Car History for even more specific information.

What is a Wheel Bolt Pattern?
The term wheel screw pattern associates with the car’s mount hole design. If you lay a tire on the ground level, you can see the layout of the placing openings. This is additionally in some cases called the bolt circle or the pitch circle diameter. In all instances, it is the method the holes are set out on the actual tire.

We share the wheel bolt pattern in a details method to interact what the requirements are. Especially, it is the variety of lugs on the automobile’s tire together with the diameter of a circle that is created at the center of the lugs themselves. This circle isn’t truly there, however you’ll require to imagine it exists.

To determine this, some business make a bolt pattern template to use. This is possibly the best method to get this information if you do not have it readily offered for your vehicle (we’re considering that information to you for the Toyota Tacoma, but it’s still smart to double-check your own information). You can discover a screw pattern layout available for sale conveniently. It’s then rather simple to obtain these dimensions.

If the vehicle has four, six, or eight-lug wheels, you can determine from the facility of one of those lugs to the center of the lug that is located directly throughout from it (when the tire is laying on the ground face up). In the Toyota Tacoma, there are five lugs. To determine for the remainder of the details, you require to do so from the center of one lug to the outside edge of the opposite lug– that’s a little bit more confusing, however it is necessary to obtain just right.

It’s also vital to remember that some wheels may appear to fit greater than one pattern. Remember that precision matters. That suggests you’ll intend to discover the appropriate pattern whenever possible. Don’t simply presume.

Why Does the Wheel Bolt Pattern Matter So Much?
There are a few reasons why this issues– consisting of ensuring that you do not struggle when it comes time to change any of these elements. Most significantly, if the pattern is not recognized, it may not match the pattern on the axle center. Also a very small distinction here indicates an absence of stability and safety and security. This might cause the wheel being off-center. That’s dangerous. It can result in extreme vibration while driving. It can likewise damage the tire with unequal damage.

What are the Wheel Screw Patterns for the Toyota Tacoma, Then?
The wheel bolt pattern for the Toyota Tacoma for all current versions is:

For 2wd cars– 5 lug– 4.5 inch or 114.3 mm high positive countered
For 4wd lorries– 6 lug– 5.5 inch or 139.7 mm medium offset
Why Do You Need to Know the Wheel Screw Pattern for the Toyota Tacoma?
You may need this information if you are changing various elements of the wheel. The wheel of a lorry is made up of a number of elements.

The facility of the wheel is called the center bore. This is where the wheel is fixated the center. The metal that is around the center birthed is called home plate. On the plate, there are openings. These are the lug holes. These haul openings open up to enable the wheel studs to be positioned on them. After that, once the studs are in place, you’ll place the lug nuts in addition to this to hold the wheel in position.

If you do not knowhow to change a wheel on your vehicle, that’s an important upkeep step to comply with. Bear in mind that it is essential to do this carefully and with manufacturer instructions in mind. Safety and security first, as well!

What is very important to recognize is that every automobile around might have a slightly different configuration. They utilize various wheel studs and position them in different patterns. When there is a need to change these components, you need to have the wheel screw pattern, or you might purchase the incorrect elements.

You can spend your time making use of the themes or doing a bit of gauging yourself. That is constantly an option. Nonetheless, it might be less complicated to search for the information for your Toyota Tacoma in the owner’s handbook. You can additionally make use of among the many on the internet online search engine for part to help you identify this details.

Look this info up by the make and version of the automobile in addition to the year. Most important to determine the Toyota Tacoma lug pattern is whether it is a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive car. That’s due to the fact that this can change the real measurements even on the very same car model. You can locate that info out about your auto online as well.

Keep Your Automobile in Excellent and Conserved Problem
When you own a Toyota Tacoma, you may engage in some off-roading experiences. You may even find yourself wearing down those tires quick with every one of the miles traveled. You can examine the make as well as design of your Toyota Tacoma’s Vehicle Background.

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