Jeeps have always been a favored SUV among drivers for a good reason. In the 1940s, the U.S. Army started using the Jeep as its primary vehicle specifically because of its power. Soon the car spread to other users and secured its popularity globally.

The Jeep developed a name for itself in off-roading capability, making it the ideal partner for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. Currently, the Jeep Wrangler is arguably the model people recognize the most.

With that said, did you know there are many different cool things you can do with your Jeep? Here are some of the 10 cool things you might want to consider doing with your Jeep.

1.      Using it as a Tractor

 In 1946, the civilian Jeep came out as a vehicle that could substitute a farmer’s trusty-old tractor if necessary. The civilian Jeep was designed to plow the farmland one day and take friends and family on a cruise in town the next.

If you have a seasoned PTO-equipped Jeep model, you can plow your lawn and even lend it to your neighbor to do the same. Use the vehicle before the government enacts laws that make it illegal for you to use lawnmowers that are not strictly electric-only.

2.      Winch Vertical

Few things are better than sitting in a Jeep’s driver’s seat and winching vertically up walls. The pucker of the driver’s seat, the creaking of the line, and the weirdness of seeing the blue sky out the windshield while still getting the view of the tire and dirt tracks from the rearview mirror are simply unforgettable.

3.      Living in the Jeep

Of course, not permanently because living in most vehicles besides recreational ones would be unbearable. However, a span of two weeks in the Jeep is manageable if you will be roughing it out in the outdoors.

One of the great things about Jeeps is how spacious they are inside. Some have enough space in the back for small inflatable mattresses. Another prime advantage is that they can go where other vehicles cannot, so getting scenic camping spots is easier.


4.      Lifting

If your Jeep is just wasting away in the garage or driveway because it cannot achieve what you want, why not lift it yourself. There is no better feeling than being able to finally get bigger tires and enjoy the new lift. Of course, you may have to endure some challenges and costs along the way, but you can enjoy your Jeep’s revamped look and feel once you are done.

5.      Going Topless

While Jeeps are not the original convertible vehicles, they are some of the few that do not make you look like you are overcompensating or showing off.

Instead, driving topless makes you come across as free-spirited, adventurous, and always willing to live life to the fullest. So, drop the top of your Jeep whenever you can and cruise the streets with class. If you are in tropical regions like Hawaii or beach towns like LA and Miami, you should always be driving this way.

6.      Rattle-Can It

There’s something about the Jeep’s practical design and shape that makes it okay to drive with an old, crappy paint job. Old jeeps look a bit more rugged, rustic, and well-seasoned with life, so do not be afraid to hit the streets with that old gem or even get an affordable paint job.

In fact, why not even go all out and get a G.I. Joe camo paint job or emulate John Deere tractors because there is no limit to what you can do with the exterior appearance of your Jeep.

7.      Sport the Jeep Hammock

Contrary to what most tend to think at first, the jeep hammock is not swimwear. Instead, it is a comfortable way to sleep above the insects and creepy crawlies when adventuring outdoors. All you need to do is strap the hammock from the car’s rollbar to another Jeep or a tree and sleep comfortably.

If your Jeep has a long wheelbase, you might be able to string your hammock from one end of the rollbar to the other and have the hammock hang above the interior.

8.      Pull Something Huge

Many people have heard the story of the person with a Jeep who dragged felled redwood and cleared the road home so the school bus could drop the kids where they needed to be. Or the one about pulling a stuck freight train from a mudhole near the local station. Well, your Jeep is an automotive beast that can do extraordinary things. So when the need arises, you can use it to pull something huge.

9.      Join Jeep Jamborees

The jeep jamboree is an off-road adventure event that occurs throughout the year. There are many dates spread across the year, so do not be discouraged if you miss the last one. The weekend adventure invites down-to-earth people who love the outdoors and their 4x4s. The jamboree is a fun getaway for first-time off-roaders.

You will meet fellow jeep owners, make friends, share information, and even get answers to your most common questions about the vehicle from experts. You can visit the official website to learn more about the dates and register for an event.

10. Display Silly Stickers

“If You Can Read This Roll Me Over,” “It’s a Jeep Thing – You Wouldn’t Understand.” It seems all Jeep owners are destined to display at least one of these playful stickers and pictures. If you have a Jeep, consider joining the bandwagon because it truly is a Jeep thing. Those silly stickers look pretty cool on Jeeps for some reason.

photo of Jeep compass white


Jeeps can do so many cool things because they are not as bulky as traditional trucks but provide more than what you would get from a smaller Sedan. There is something special about their overall build and design.

If you do not have a Jeep but need a reliable and convenient vehicle that can take you off-road, consider buying one. This way, you can try out some of the cool things highlighted above. Hopefully, these 10 things will show you how fun having a Jeep SUV can be.


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