Doesn’t your Ford F-Series take outstanding care of you? It gets you to work and back home daily. Plus, it is your trusty, reliable companion when camping with family and friends on the weekend. It also comes through when hauling that occasional heavy load of supplies from one place to another.

So, why not maximize the truck’s usefulness? It deserves those extra accessories, considering how well it performs. There are many F-Series parts and accessories that can help you enjoy your Ford truck even more. From truck covers and floor liners to cargo racks and towing equipment, the list could go on for miles.

Their availability is not a big surprise. After all, the F-Series truck is arguably one of the most popular and best-selling cars in the United States, an accolade it has proudly held for the past few decades.

This article will examine some of the accessories you should consider for your Ford F-150 truck.

1.      Floor Liners

Whether you are the kind that likes to take your F-150 Ford on off-road excursions through muddy and rocky terrains or use the car on the urban streets to and from your place of work, a quality set of floor liners is indispensable.

Good quality floor liners provide the perfect balance between price and quality. Also, you need to ensure you get the right fit for your F-150.

The right set of floor mats and liners will have exceptional staying power and comfortably fit in the car, contouring precisely to the vehicle’s floor plan.

In addition, the appropriate floor liners for your F-150 should have functional ridges and high walls to effectively contain spills and messes while effortlessly keeping mud, water, and other unwanted substances away from the carpeting.

2.      Weatherproof Truck Covers

Another great accessory you should consider for your Ford F-150 is a weatherproof truck cover. CarCovers makes some of the best weatherproof truck covers for the F-Series model. The breathable and durable truck covers from this particular brand are made with reinforced, double-stitched, and welded seams for a water-tight fit and increased strength.

High-end weatherproof truck covers are chemically treated and designed to withstand UV damage and protect users from other hazards such as acid rain, heat damage, bird droppings, etc.

Look for a cover that has a custom-tailored, taut fit. Also, look for covers with a lock and cable feature for anti-theft protection, a storage pouch, and an antenna patch.

3.      Truck Bed Storage Box

Truck bed storage boxes are also great accessories for your Ford F-150 for many different reasons. For starters, they help keep the bed organized. You can use them to help store hand tools, car parts, and other accessories while traveling, leaving the bed open for bigger items such as power tools and wood.

Secondly, they keep your things safe from the elements. Each has an airtight weather seal that can block dust, snow, rain, and other earthly elements. Lastly, these storage boxes will keep your valuable items safe from prying eyes, offering you that much-needed security and privacy.

These storage boxes install easily and keep stowed away behind the rear wheels, swinging outwards, allowing for easy access whenever needed.

4.      Truck Hitches

If you bought a Ford F-150, chances are you did not just get it so you can pick up your children from school or run errands at the mall. Instead, you saw its rugged design and wanted to do truck things like towing your pop-up camper or hauling lumber. And you cannot do any of these things properly if you do not have a good-quality hitch.

One of the biggest brands in the towing equipment space, CURT, has a wide variety of truck hitch options for your Ford F-150.

An appropriate hitch for the F-150 is made with powder-coated steel and has a tow weight rating of about 12,000 lbs with the ball or 16,000 lbs with its pintle. It is even better if you get a pintle with a useful spring-loaded arm feature that helps make it easier to get a secure connection.

5.      Hitch-Mount Truck Bed Extender

In addition to gate-style bed extenders, there is another truck bed extender you may want to install in your F-150 to help you with your cargo-hauling needs; a hitch-mount bed extender.

It is usually made to fit the standard two-inch receiver or bigger with the help of an adapter. A quality hitch-mount bed extender will provide you with adjustable height and width capabilities for easy installation. You can comfortably line it with your truck bed floor and immediately get extra room for long loads like kayaks and 2x4s.

A universal hitch-mount bed extender with a strong coated steel construction and a 350-lbs distributed load-capacity rating should last you several years. The installation process is quick and simple, meaning you can easily eliminate it when you do not need it. 

6.      Truck Cargo Racks

F-Series owners are fortunate to have truck cargo rack systems that mount to the vehicle’s bedside and offer a lot of extra carrying capacity, up to even 800 pounds.

High-end cargo racks typically have aerodynamically sleek overall designs which keep wind noise at a minimum and are compatible with several other cargo accessories. Look for products that have been manufactured using strong aluminum alloy because these will last you a very long time.


There is a lot that a Ford F-150 truck can do on its own without needing additional parts and accessories. No one can deny how amazing the car is right from the shop.

However, most people that buy such cars tend to want to get the most they can from them. One of the main ways they do this is by adding certain accessories. The accessories above are just some of the best to enhance the performance and usability of your truck.

There are more on the market, so do not be afraid of a little research if you did not find what you were looking for. But, hopefully, you know what you can add to your Ford F-150 truck to improve it.   

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