Jeep Wranglers do not always have everything you need to satisfy your adventure requirements. This is why you can find Jeep Wrangler accessories all over the internet and in stores worldwide.

But unfortunately, most Jeep Wrangler enhancements and modifications sometimes make it hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction among new owners who want to keep their vehicles in optimum condition.

Good jeep owners should only rely on information from trusted and reliable sources. Because as the industry grows and the Wrangler gains global popularity, more misinformation will seep into the community.

In that spirit, this article will debunk 5 common Jeep Wrangler myths to do its part in deterring misinformation.

Myth 1: Bigger aftermarket tires will fit on the stock tire carrier.

This might sound a little obvious to some, but many Jeep Wrangler owners forget or do not know that the vehicle’s stock carrier is specifically designed for stock tires only.  image of Jeep Wrangler big wheels

Upgrading to bigger aftermarket wheels is one of the main modifications most Jeep owners make. It adds a very riveting overall aesthetic that few vehicles can match.

When buying new wheels for your Wrangler, consider buying one or two extra for unexpected events. However, do not place any of them on the carrier unless it is a stock wheel. The increased pressure of a bigger wheel can cause unwanted dents and cracks on your rear swing gate.


Myth 2: Steering stabilizers can instantly rectify the “Death Wobble.”

One of the most common and well-recognized issues with modifying the Jeep Wrangler is the “Death Wobble.” 

The Death Wobble is an issue almost all Jeep Wrangler owners experience at least once when they own the vehicle. And while it has never led to death, it is horrifying to experience. The steering will start to rumble violently and shake as you drive, which can lead to losing control and sometimes getting into an accident.

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, steering stabilizers are not a quick fix for this problem. As evident as the assumption that stabilizing the steering wheel should do the trick may seem, it is not always correct. In fact, you are better off re-calibrating the tires so that weight and alignment balance perfectly.

Myth 3: Manual transmission Wranglers are better off-roaders

A widespread Wrangler myth is that the manual transmission model performs better off-road than its automatic transmission counterpart. This misconception stems from the ideology in the 4×4 off-road community that manual transmission vehicles are better at off-road handling.

Of course, this makes a lot of sense with most cars because manual transmission gives you greater control over the vehicle. However, things are different when you are off-roading. Things tend to get a bit more complicated.

The stress of constantly disengaging and engaging when off-roading puts a heavy toll on the car. Automatic transmission will allow you to casually and comfortably crawl through different off-road obstacles at a more reliable, steady speed with less strain on the vehicle’s transmission.

Manual transmission Wranglers also require a more experienced driver to avoid sudden jolts and stalling on the rough terrains. So, if you are thinking about getting a Wrangler to help you satisfy your off-roading needs, you ought to strongly consider getting an automatic, especially if you are inexperienced behind the wheel.

Myth 4: Lifting the Jeep’s suspension negatively impacts the handling and ride of the car

Another very common modification that most Jeep Wrangler owners like to make is lifting the car. However, some drivers avoid lifting their jeeps because they think it will negatively affect the vehicle’s ride and handling. Fortunately, most of these claims are typically anecdotal, and many have few to no facts backing them up.

Adding a few inches to the suspension of your Wrangler will give that classic Jeep design a slick new fierce look, and who doesn’t want that, right? Luckily, no evidence shows this enhancement will result in poor car handling. So go for it.

Ultimately, how well the Wrangler performs when it comes to handling and ride will depend on the accuracy of installation and the quality of parts used in the modification. Top-quality lift kits usually come with Dual Coil or Progressive springs that help offer a certain amount of stiffness. Similarly, ensure a professional with experience performs the modification to guarantee success. image of Jeep Wrangler with aftermarket grille

Myth 5: You don’t need to make storage upgrades

This might be the most misleading myth of them all and the one that could not be more wrong.

Jeep Wranglers have very little room for storage in the rear cargo section, which is often incredibly frustrating for most owners considering it is an ideal vehicle for adventuring. However, the Jeep Wrangler has a variety of integrated storage options you can use to add much-needed space to your car. If anyone ever tells you that upgrading storage in your Wrangler is unnecessary, they are wrong.

While storage upgrades are not what most Wrangler owners want to make on their vehicles, they are certainly one of the most important, especially for those who love to travel. Increased storage space allows you to explore well prepared with your Jeep. You will have more space for sufficient camping gear and survival tools. And even if you do not like traveling, more room ensures safety and security for everyday belongings.


There are many myths concerning the modification and use of Wranglers and their accessories. They may be keeping you from proper car utilization and needed improvements. It is why we decided to debunk some of the most common ones. So you can enjoy your Jeep Wrangler to the fullest and make well-informed decisions to modify or invest.

If you come across questionable information from fellow Jeep Wrangler owners, always fact-check the information before making decisions about your car. Sometimes, it is nothing to worry about, but it is always best to be careful. And at least now you know a few you can look out for. So do not let a myth force you to underutilize or damage your Jeep Wrangler. Rely on fact-checking like a good jeep owner.

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