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Toyota Tacoma Mods

Meta Description: You can customize the look of your Toyota Tacoma with these easy-to-install exterior and interior mods, all available on our website.

Modifying Your Tacoma

Are you thinking of modifying your Tacoma? The 4×4 truck is a sturdy beast from one of the most trusted brands in the world. With the proper modifications, you can conquer any terrain outdoors without ruining the Toyota’s performance or your driving experience.

A huge advantage of owning a Toyota Tacoma is the ton of customizable mods for your car. Whether you want to upgrade to bigger wheels or add a new grille, you can quickly improve the look of your Toyota depending on your budget, specs, and the performance you want.

Best Modifications and Upgrades for your Toyota Tacoma

If you are considering upgrading your truck, it is essential to note that all modifications must be done using genuine OEM Toyota Tacoma parts. Using the wrong parts might lead to performance loss and affect the truck’s driving system. Take your time researching and finding the best fit for your Trail truck.

TRD Pro Grille

To make a lasting impression, upgrading your Tacoma grille is an excellent place to start. The Toyota motor corporation designed the TRD Grille to give your truck a menacing look while off-roading or driving on the highway. The TRD grille designs are registered trademarks of the Toyota Racing Development division.

The grille is one of the most popular aftermarket modifications for Tacoma owners looking to switch their stock grille. The grille is available for any 2nd Gen Tacomas (2005-2015) and 3rd gen Tacomas (2016-2022).

The grill also provides efficient aeration to your engine. The vents are ideal for pulling air into the radiator to cool off your Toyota’s engine, enhancing its performance.

Secondly, the TRD Pro Grille has various designs that match your Tacoma’s personality. In addition, the grille is also a reasonable modification to have on your vehicle.

Bed Covers

You do not need to worry about carrying cargo on your trip. The Toyota Tacoma bed covers offer the perfect protection to luggage or toys you decide to haul on your outdoor excursion.

The durable polyester tonneau covers are wear-resistant, can take light scratches, and withstand harsh weather while driving rough terrain.

Furthermore, the roll-up cover offers easy accessibility rather than having to open your Tacoma tailgate.

The tonneau cover is pretty easy to install and does not require any drill to your bed. This makes it one of the best accessories to safely secure any load on your Toyota Tacoma.

Bed Racks

If you love going outdoors, you will always need more room in your Toyota Tacoma. A bed rack kit upgrade will give you the much-needed space you want.

The custom-designed bed racks are made from highly reinforced aluminum, protecting them from debris and unfavorable weather. Likewise, the aluminum gives your rack added strength to handle heavy accessories like camping tents and tool boxes without breaking a sweat.

In addition, the rack modification also gives Toyota Tacoma a fresh new look with an elegant design.

Rubber Floor Mats and Liners

Floor mats and liners are affordable upgrades for your Toyota Tacoma. Off-road enthusiasts know that the stock carpet can be hard to clean after a day in the mud or dirt.

There are a variety of floor mats that give you that added protection against dirt. The mats are made from high-duty mats that are waterproof and stain-resistant, making them an ideal upgrade when cleaning the interior of your Tacoma.

In addition, getting waterproof floor liners for your Tacoma should be on your list. The liners protect your cabin floor from sticky things like dirt and mud, making them easy to clean. The liners also resist light scratches that might otherwise leave dents in your Tacoma.

Emblem Overlay Kit

The emblem overlay kit upgrade is another additional Tacoma mod that can give your truck an edge.

There are a variety of emblems overlays that you can choose for your Toyota. However, the black-out chrome emblem is the most common accessory for any Tacoma. The emblem kit is also customizable for any sign you see fit, and installation only takes a few minutes using screw-on letters.

LED Light Bars

The LED light bar kit is also excellent for off-roading at night. Headlights are only efficient when driving in the dark. However, the bar kit mounts are crucial if you want great lighting to watch out for any obstacles on your dirt path.

Bar kits are made from durable material that protects the LEDs from harsh weather or light collisions during your trip. In addition, the mod is easily adjustable depending on which areas of the dirt track you want to illuminate.

A ton of aftermarket light bars complement any 3rd Gen Tacoma rig styling you have in mind. The unique bar is easily customizable to give your Toyota a unique design that fits its off-roading capability. In addition, after your kit purchase, you can easily mount the light bar on your truck without a hassle.

However, installing the LED bar requires electrical modifications to your Toyota Tacoma when connecting the wiring harness to the OEM switch on your center console.

Ditch lights

Furthermore, if you want to add more lights to your Toyota Tacoma, you can get a ditch light kit. The 3rd Gen Tacoma low-profile ditch lights come in various LEDs, providing intense illuminations to peripheral blind spots on the road.

You can easily install ditch bracket mounts on your hood to illuminate the sides of your Toyota Tacoma that headlights cannot reach. The brackets are easily reachable, and you can make fine adjustments depending on your preference. The ditch kit also provides easy access under the hood if you need to check out your engine.

As previously mentioned, with any light modifications, installing the ditch kit might require electrical modification when wiring the lights to the center console for easy human interaction.

Tailgate Letter Inserts

If the emblem overlay is not enough, you can also spice up Tacoma trucks with a tailgate letter install. The letters are ideal for Tacoma owners looking to make a bold statement on their Instagram feed.

The tailgate inserts come in varying options that suit your mod. The 3D-raised letter tags are the most popular letter sign sold in the market. They are easily customizable, giving your Toyota a notable improvement.

Sequential Turn Signals

Enhance your safety with a sequential turning signals kit. Blinking turn lights are a bit overrated, especially if you have an off-roading rig. Sequential lights provide fantastic and modern LEDs that indicate whichever direction your Toyota wants to turn.

In addition, side mirror mods also allow you to install sequential signals, offering a better indication of your Tacoma’s width in the dark.

It is important to note that electrical modifications will be needed while connecting the wiring harness on Tacoma trucks.

LED Fog Lights

Fog light pods are also great accessories on your 3rd Gen Tacoma. In most cases, stock fog lights might not give you the kind of visibility that you need on a cold day.

If your Tacoma does not come with fog lights, that should not worry you. Most vehicles have holes where you can run your wiring to mount the lights to your grill or rack. If you have a problem with installation, we are ready to assist you in any way possible.

Bed Mat

With all the heavy cargo you might be hauling around, fitting a bed mat is crucial to protect your Tacoma bed from damage.

Tacoma bed mats are made from heavyweight material that withstands impacts during your trip. The mat’s raised angled ribs give your load more traction preventing too much movement, and also act as a cushion for any cargo you might be carrying in the bed. The ribs also promote aeration to your Toyota bed and enhance better drainage, preventing rust.

If you are thinking of getting a bed mat, many customizable options can fit the kind of look you want for your 3rd Gen Tacoma.

Raptor Lights

Raptor lights are the embodiment of off-road mods. The LEDs are ideal accessories to make your TRD grille pop.

The hidden lights are mounted behind the grill, protecting them from debris and harsh weather while on your outdoor excursion. In addition, the Raptor LED kit also comes with white or amber options that give your grill more functionality.

Tacoma Off-roading Tires

Get the best links to the road with our larger tires. If you want to overcome obstacles quicker, you might need to upgrade your tires.

Upsizing your tires is a great way to get some added height to your Toyota Tacoma. The wheels help you get much-needed ground clearance and enhance your traction in the woods. With larger wheels, you will get the best feel of the off-road track on your adventure.

In addition, if you purchase bigger wheels, you also improve your 3rd Gen Toyota’s water fording ability. The massive threads between the wheel displace more water, preventing hydroplaning.

In a Nutshell

If you are thinking of making any Toyota Tacoma mods, you have to be sure that you get genuine Tacoma parts. Installing relevant details will ensure that your car’s performance is not affected.

High Country Off-Road is dedicated to providing affordable Tacoma mods the Toyota Motor Corporation recommended. All our parts are obtained from reputable brands, giving you the confidence you need to get your Toyota Tacoma on the road. We will be happy to assist you in improving the functionality and performance of your truck.

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