Ford Ranger Raptor Grill | 2019-2022 US Ranger 4th Generation


Ford Ranger Raptor Grill | 2019-2022 US Ranger 4th Generation

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4th Gen Ford Ranger Raptor Grille Description

The 2019-2022 Ford Raptor Grille will give your truck a unique personality. For many off-road enthusiasts, the only thing as important as your vehicle's performance is the visual appeal of their rig.

The Ford Raptor grille was created as the perfect replacement for your 2019-2022 Ranger’s stock grill. The grille upgrade is made from high-durable material that can withstand light collisions and debris on your off-roading adventure.

Likewise, the grille is protected from harsh weather and corrosions, making it an ideal exterior accessory that will last. In addition, the grille is also easy to install. It only takes about an hour to get the truck up and running.


Unique Design

The Ford Raptor-style grille will transform and give the 4th Gen Ranger an off-road powerhouse look. The large grille gives off an intimidating yet elegant aura guaranteed to give you more attention on the highway.

In addition, the matt black finish and the LED lights bring your grill to life and add a little functionality.

Durable Material

The Ford Ranger Grille is made of high-quality material designed to take a punch. Your new grill is resistant to light collisions you may encounter during your cross-country tour. In addition, the matt black finish is not only for show. The finish is resistant to corrosion, peeling, and rusting.

Improved Airflow

Improve your Ranger’s performance with a new Raptor Grille. The massive vents on the grille provide enough aeration to cool off your engine while on the road, improving your truck’s performance and enhancing its health.

Easy Installation

Replacing your stock grille with the Raptor Grille has never been easier. It only takes about an hour to install your new Raptor Grille, and installation only requires bolts and clips to fit the grille to the front of your Truck.

In addition, you do not need to worry about modifications or cutting when installing the grille on your Ford Ranger.

Fits All 2019-2022 Ford Rangers

The Raptor Style Grille is a perfect fit for any 2019-2022 Ford Ranger model, making it a must-have accessory upgrade.

Stylish Lettering

The Raptor Grille comes with the bold “FORD” brand lettering in a matt black finishing.

**Note that tow of the letters will be shipped in a separate package**

Grille LED Lights

Hidden LED light kit also comes with the Raptor Style Grille.

Additional Information About the Ford Raptor Trim

Ford Raptors are some of the most versatile pick-up trucks in the market. The Raptor trim was designed to have better off-roading capabilities than other trim levels and it started on the Ford F-150s.

One of the most notable differences in the Raptor is that the increased functionality and added off-road specifications make it perfect for tackling any inhospitable terrains you wish to conquer. The truck is fully optimized to perform better in the wild.

Likewise, the Ford Raptor’s engine is designed to provide more horsepower and torque on the road. Whether you have the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Gen Raptors, you are assured that the engine will not only get you out of a sticky situation but also gives you the necessary fuel economy during your trip.

Lastly, the sturdy body, increased ground clearance, and independent suspensions give you an added advantage when crawling through rocks or going over logs.

With the addition of this grille you can now have the iconic styling of the Raptor on your Ranger.


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